Tips on how to write research paper outlines

Research paper outline is a integral part of the research paper writing process, even though many students aren’t aware of its significance. As it is not included in the final document, students tend to omit it, if they don’t know how to write research paper outlines. But research paper outlines, simple as it is to prepare, reduces the stress and strain of research paper writing to a great extent.

A research paper outline is prepared towards the end of the research and before you start preparing the draft. The outlines are all about organizing the points you have collected into a neat and legible frame, from which you will later be able to develop a very impressive research paper. It will not be wise to omit it just because you are not sure of how to write research paper outline. Once you understand the concept, it will not be difficult any longer.

A research paper outline can be prepared through a few simple steps.

• Determine the pattern: Figure out what kind of outline would be comprehensible to you. There are various patterns which can be used to prepare the outline. You can sort out the points depending on the structural components, the relevance of points and so on. Whichever suits you the most, can be used for your outline.

• Decide on the basic structure: Each assignment has a different basic structure depending upon its objective. There are certain optional elements in the basic structure of a research paper, like the literature review. Such parts need to be included only if it has been specifically asked for. Hence, without ascertaining the specific requirements of your assignment, it will not be possible to proceed with the outlining.

• List out the components or elements: Once the pattern has been decided and structure figured out, before you can sort out the points, you will need to list out the sections of your outline. While at it, ensure that all the necessary elements have been included.

• Delegate the points: Sorting the points and placing them appropriately into each section is the next step. Cross out the points as you place them in the outline to ensure that no points are left out accidentally.

Figuring out how to write research paper outlines is not difficult. You will find outline samples and various outline templates on the internet which you can use to outline your research paper. But the difficult part is to find out which outline would suit you the best and what kind of pattern will help you most.

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