Your efforts towards research paper writing gets paid off when your research thesis is used practically. And health related topics are always of maximum practical value. If you are choosing a topic that could be of use to the world, it can most certainly be applied wherever possible. Hence if you have the option to choose a topic for your  health research paper, you should choose a topic which has good practical value.

Health research paper topics are not limited to medical issues like diseases and their medical solutions. The label ‘health’ covers a much wider range of topics. We will discuss some of the possible topics which can be taken up for your research paper on health.

Certain countries still suffer from a very high mortality rate related to birth and post-natal complications. In certain countries it is due to lack of medical assistance and in some other countries it is due to unavailability of medical resources for the purpose. And in certain other places, you might be surprised to see that even on having good doctors and good medical facilities close-by, the mortality rate doesn’t improve due to lack of health awareness in pregnant women. It could prove a very good topic for your health research paper, to take up one of those countries and find out the exact cause of their health issues.

Even in developed nations, there is still space left for improvement in health awareness. It could be a challenging job to pick a topic on what all needs to be perfected in health care and health awareness in any one of those fully developed nations. Here you may discuss the flaws in the existing medical facilities in that place as well.

Sex trafficking is becoming a huge racket and as a result many countries are suffering health issues, of which, the roots can be traced back to these sex workers who have multiple partners and who spread many types of sexually transmitted diseases; the most fatal one being none other than AIDS. Even developed nations don’t seem to be able to control this dangerous racket. You could research on why this particular issue has not yet been brought under control and what could be done to improve this situation, in terms of public awareness and lawful restrictions which should be put in place to make sure that sex trafficking doesn’t affect public health.

Drugs could be another topic of interest. Even with so many laws and restrictions in place, drugs find its way into the toughest of places. Many countries take stringent measures and give heavy punishments to those who are guilty of the crime but even so, the situation can’t be claimed to be completely under control. There is a lot of space left for research on this topic.

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