Tips on finding an interesting research paper idea

One of the most difficult stages of writing a research paper is that of figuring out what to work on. Sometimes, if your guidelines are liberal enough, you will be able to write on an idea which you already had. But it is quite unusual for the guidelines to be so liberal as to let you work on just any idea and that exactly is where the difficulty lies. Finding an interesting research paper idea which fits into the restrictions of the assignment is what makes the task difficult.

While trying to follow the guidelines, it is quite usual for students to compromise on the other aspects. It also happens, sometimes, that while trying to find interesting research paper ideas students forget to refer to all the clauses in the guidelines. In order to avoid such mistakes, you must take a note of what all factors need to be worked on.

• Most topics can be probed from various angles which belong to different subject areas. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the research paper idea you have is one which come within the boundaries of your subject. An idea, even if it is the most interesting one, will not be accepted if it is not from within your subject area of research.

• The authenticity of the idea is also equally important. If you take a topic, you will find that during the previous researches conducted on the subject, many aspects of the topic has been studied and some of them, solved. Ideas which have been used repeatedly for research don’t usually appeal much to the audience. And if it is an idea which has already been completely solved and established, then it will not qualify as a research paper idea.

• Sticking to even the finest of instructions in the guidelines, regarding the research paper topic and the thesis, is important. Topics or ideas which fail to fit into the assignment guidelines would be rejected and all your efforts wasted. Hence, before you start searching for ideas, take a note of the guideline instructions regarding the same.

interesting research paper ideas• Your interest in the idea also influences the overall quality of the final document. If it is an idea which you picked against your personal preference, just to make it fit into the guidelines, it will clearly reflect in your research paper. Hence, look for interesting research paper ideas which appeals to you also. If your guidelines are too tight, then keep aside more time for finding a good idea to work on.

• The intellectual level of the proposed audience must also be taken into consideration while you choose your idea. If you choose an idea which is way above the level of your audience, they would not be able to appreciate it. On the other hand, if the idea is at a much lower level, they would find it boring.

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