While at the task of choosing a topic for your law research paper, you will come across various sections and sub-sections, each of which will offer you many topics for your research paper. Even though there is no dearth of topics under the subject, not all of them will suit your assignment. It is necessary to find a suitable topic in order to be able to enjoy the effort involved in writing a research paper.

There are many topics you can consider while writing a law research paper. If you are writing a controversial research paper on a legal topic, you should look for topics which fall into the category. You can consider certain topics like:

1. Women’s rights: The rights of women still remain one of the most controversial subjects of all times. Each country has a different approach towards women’s legal rights.

2. Death penalty: Another topic that tops the list of controversial issues, death penalty and its legal implications will be a good topic to research on.

3. Children’s rights: The legal rights offered to children of various ages also comes under the category of controversial issues

4. Abortion: The legal implications related to abortion is another of the most sensitive and controversial issues.

5. Prostitution: Laws regarding prostitution has been one of the favorite topics for study.

6. Homosexual rights: Another extremely sensitive and debated issue of recent times.

If you are not writing a law research paper of controversial nature, you will have many more sections to choose from:

• Civil law: It is one of the highly preferred branches of law and it offers various topics to research on.
• Criminal law: The main competition for civil law, you find that topics under criminal law are equally in demand as those in civil law.
• Educational law: Studying the legal side of various aspects related to education will be another option.
• Employment law: The rights of employees and employers and other general aspects of employment come under this category.
• Property law: The legal aspects related to the buying and selling of properties, ownership of properties etc belong to this section of law.

These are only some of the sections to look in. There are many more like business law, administrative law, immigration law, medical laws, censorship laws, copyright laws and so on.

Law is a feature specific to each country or state. So, another option of topic you can consider, for your law research paper is to study the law of a particular nation. American law, Indian law, African law etc are some good topics. Each of these sections will offer many topics which can be dealt with from many different angles and perspectives.

Whatever topic you choose, make sure to refer to updated sources and determine the credibility of information provided by the sources. A wrong choice of topic can put you in very tough spots mid-way through your research paper writing process. It will also affect the outcome of your research negatively. If you are not sure of the best topic for your law research paper, you should get expert advice before finalizing your choice.