Law is a subject that is quite complex in nature. If studying law is difficult, understanding or following a presentation on a legal topic is even more difficult. Hence a legal research paper should be organized well in order to make it easier for your readers to follow. The structure of a research paper not only makes the points organized but it also makes the research paper more legible and clear. The first part of the structure is the introduction. A good law research paper introduction will form a perfect platform for the discussion of your topic.

While preparing the introduction, consider the topic from the view point of your audience. You will have a very good knowledge of all the aspects of the topics as you were researching on it. But will your audience also know as much? Not all of them would. When it comes to law, each case is different and unique in its nature and features. Even if your audience have knowledge of topics similar to the one you are writing on, it may not be adequate enough for them to follow your topic. So be very informative about your topic and the related aspects in your law research paper introduction.

To begin with, tell your audience about your topic and the research question. Explain which branch of law the topic belongs to. Give the necessary background information on the topic to bring your audience into the mood for the discussion of your topic. While at it, remember that your introductory paragraph cannot be too long. Hence whatever information you give in the introduction should be precise.

You can also discuss the method of your research in the introductory paragraph. The sources used can be very briefly mentioned, if you feel it might help and if you have used only one or two sources. But these two points are not mandatory for an introduction. You may do as per your preference.

Your introductory paragraph would also include your thesis statement. The thesis of your law research paper should address and answer satisfactorily, the research question. Your research theory should be clearly indicated in the thesis statement. The thesis statement is to be written as a single sentence. Hence do not generalize any aspects of your thesis statement. If you find even one point in your thesis statement which is a general aspect of the topic, then you should rewrite the statement to include only the most specific aspects which indicate your theory.

It often happens that the introduction fails to match with the conclusion. You should make sure that the introduction and conclusion tallies with each other before submitting the paper. Rewrite the introduction if necessary to match the concluding statement. Your introduction should also be interesting enough to make your audience eager to listen to the rest of your research paper.

Law is a tangle of regulations and legal points. Without a good and descriptive introduction, your audience will not be able to follow the points you present in your law research paper. Your introduction should be precise, informative and clear enough if you are aiming at impressing your audience.