Writing an English Research Paper on a play by Shakespeare

If you are an English Literature student, it can happen very often that you are given one of the plays by William Shakespeare for your literature research paper project. For a student of any other subject but literature, it might not be a difficult task but for someone pursuing a degree in English Literature, it will not be an easy job to produce an impressive research paper on Shakespeare’s plays.

Let us look at one of the most famous play, which is of a comparatively simple plot – Romeo and Juliet. Even small children are aware of the story outline. This story is about the feud between two families and how, Romeo and Juliet belonging to each of the families who hate each other on principle, fall in love and fight for their love and finally die for it.

But if you are writing a literature research paper on this subject, then the whole perspective needs to be changed. You will now be looking at even the simplest facts of the story. You will need to analyze each character and learn their role in the story and describe their part in the play. You will be interpreting lines and words through a different view point. You will be trying to see it, not only through your eyes, but also from the view point of the author.

Reading the play once will not be enough to ascertain the role of a character in a play. You will have to read it over and over again. As you read on you will realize how many points you had missed during your previous efforts. You will also need to go through reference material on the subject. You will see that many characters have more indirect involvement in the theme than what meets the eye at first sight.

Moreover, Shakespeare is famous for his lines which can be given multiple interpretations. And with each interpretation you will see the route of the story changing, but meeting up at the same point again. It is quite a task to develop interpretations of your own, for his words, without changing the story outline.

While getting lost in your research and in the confusion of sorting the most relevant points from the pile you collected, in order to fit it into the given number of sheets, make sure you don’t forget that you are writing a English literature research paper. Your grammar and spellings are expected to be absolutely flawless. Even one simple grammatical error can ruin your paper. Hence make sure you are leaving enough time for that last part of your research, which is proof reading.

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