Research paper structure is one of the most important aspects which need to be perfected in order to achieve good grades in the projects. Each part of the structure is to be framed carefully to make your research paper look neat and organized. There are certain standard methods by which to frame a research paper introduction. For a literature student these methods just form a basis for writing the introductory paragraph. While writing a literature research paper, a lot more will be expected off the student than a submission which looks like it was filled out of a template.

Literature is a subject which requires excellent language and writing skills to successfully complete the course. The skills will have to be proved in the writing assignments by rising much higher above the conventional style of writing a research paper. The introduction of a research paper is expected to give the readers or audience, a good idea of the matter discussed in the research paper. In a literature research paper, it must also manage to make the audience feel that the forthcoming discussion is going to be an interesting one. Unlike the audience of research papers in other subjects, literature audience will be judging the author through a different perspective.

Being informative in an introduction is necessary. But being informative alone will not be impressive while you are preparing a literature research paper introduction. Writing, from a literary point of view, is all about playing with words and using them to bring out the best in them. The author’s ability to write creatively would be judged from the very first line of the assignment itself. And if the introduction is not interesting enough, it would leave a very negative impression about the author and his or her writing skills.

Mixing the conventional method and your own creative writing skills is the best way to prepare the introduction of your literature research paper. It should introduce the topic, give the background information and state the thesis, but all in a creative way. These aspects can be presented in the basic manner also, if it is not a research paper on literature. But plainly stating these aspects would make it look forced and unimpressive in a literature assignment.

Be creative from the first line of the assignment itself. Do not start off plainly using the standard phrases like “Today, we discuss…” or “I am going to present…”. Use better words or phrases to put your point across to your reader. You cannot elaborate much for the purpose of being creative, in a research paper introduction. An introduction should not be very long. So, your creativity will have to be proved through the few words you put into your introduction.

Research papers in all subjects are supposed to be well-written. But the reader of a literature research paper would be expecting you to do wonder with words. Giving all that is required in an introduction in a way suited for a student of literature is the task you are facing. So choose your words very carefully and apply your creativity wherever possible.