Research paper thesis, as you may already know, is the focus of your research paper. A thesis is necessary for all writing assignments as it gives the assignment a focal point or a base to work on. It gives the assignment a specific point to aim at. The thesis, as it is the most important part of a research paper, is the one aspect by which the readers judge your paper. There are certain things you must consider while choosing the thesis for your literature research paper.

The thesis is the theory you form on the thesis. It is your view of the topic you have chosen. Even though each person has a unique perspective, some topics have been already studied from almost all possible angles. And considering that a topic cannot have more than a certain number of angles, you must take it that some topics are not available for research anymore. Even when you choose a topic which is still available for research, you must make sure that the view you take is an original one. Following someone else’s view and confirming it might sound like an easier task but it will not help you much in terms of impressing your literature research paper audience.

Unlike science subjects, literature has various topics of which the known facts are based on assumptions. These keep coming back for further research for confirmation of existing theories. This is because any fact which has no evidence can be questioned. While dealing with a topic that has been researched on before, choose a thesis which would contradict the existing views, if you are aiming at impressing the audience or readers. A research paper which is supporting the existing facts may not be very interesting to the audience unless you have some fresh and interesting evidence to present for it.

While you choose the thesis for your literature research paper be aware of the fact that it may not be easy to find substantial evidence for all theories in literature. This necessitates extensive research while dealing with research projects in literature. It is worth putting a little effort into finding the right topic and doing some research before deciding on the thesis as it will save you a lot of trouble later. A thesis which has no relevant and credible evidence to support it has no value at all. This must be kept in mind while considering the stance to take for your literature research paper.

There are very few literature topics which has physical evidence. The reader will have to rely on the information you use to judge your thesis. Hence the use of credible sources is absolutely necessary in most of the literature topics. That will add credibility to your thesis and also make it easy for you to convey your point. Considering this, you must decide on the sources also before finalizing your stance or thesis. Go for such a thesis for which you can present information borrowed from very credible sources.

Remember that the readers or audience of research papers in arts and literature subjects have a totally different view of what is interesting and what is not. The thesis you choose for your literature research paper must be something that appeals to a literature audience. Once you accomplish the task of finding an interesting angle to your topic, you can confidently proceed with your research paper writing exercise.