Writing a good conclusion to a research paper is not something everyone manages well. It is partially due to the fact this paragraph is not taken seriously enough by most students. But even the positive impression created by an interesting introduction and impressive body paragraphs can be ruined by a poorly written conclusion. The readers may not remember all that you said in the introduction and body paragraphs unless they have a very good memory. But what you say in the conclusion will naturally be remembered, as you wind up with that. A literature research paper carries even higher expectations about the language and writing skills of the students.

The grammar, the spellings and the research paper structure would all matter as much as the content itself, in a literature assignment. The conclusions of the research papers in subjects other than literature are expected to be effective and bold. But in a literature research paper, the conclusion must not only be effective but also interesting and beautifully written. Hence your creativity and imagination must not rest till you have completed this final paragraph also.

A good research paper conclusion must summarize the contents of the research paper to give the reader a quick view of all the discussed points. This is applicable to a literature research paper also. But since literature writing is usually a chain of events rather than separate points, it may not be easy to summarize the whole research paper to fit into the conclusion. In such a case, the only way to deal with it is to pick only the outline of the work or the matter discussed to summarize and use in the conclusion. The outline you put together must touch all the various points which bind the matter together.

For example, if your research was based on the biography of an author or poet, you must not miss out on any of the important stages of the career or life of the author you are writing about, while summarizing. If you are writing on the literature of a particular period, you must make sure that all the important aspects are covered in the summary you put together for the conclusion.

Using words effectively also can help you to compress your literature research paper into a few lines without losing the essence of the matter discussed. And the effective use of words is a skill that all literature students need to master anyway. It will not only come in handy while writing academic assignments but it will also help you if you are considering taking up professional writing as a career. Excellent grammar and flawless spellings are also vital to the success of a literature assignment.

Literature research papers can’t be made impressive by parroting what you have learned. Your creative contribution to the content of the assignment matters as well. While handling research papers in literature you must remember that proving your point alone will not impress your audience. Proving it through beautiful words is what will mark it as a good research paper.