Some good literature research paper topic examples

It is extremely difficult to find the most suitable literature research paper topic, not because there is a dearth of good topics but, because there are too many to choose from. Literature is among the most interesting subjects to study and to research on. But do not take it lightly as the research on most topics involves seeing the world through the eyes of the most renowned writers of all times.

Some topic ideas for a literature research paper

There are numerous options of topics which can be considered for a literature research paper. The suitability of the topic depends on the objective of your project. Study the guidelines of the project to get an idea of your topic options. Listed below are some ideas which you can consider for your literature research paper topic.

Literature Research Paper Topics• Analyze the writing style of any one of the famous writers.
• Study the techniques used by any of the poets and analyze the efficacy of the use of the same in that context.
• Study the causes of failure of a poet or an author who never managed to get noticed.
• Critically analyze a poem or any other literary work.
• Compare two authors or poets who belong to the same era of literature.
• Choose a topic from the history of literature of a particular nation.
• Do an analytical study of the evolution of literature.

How to identify the right topic

It is unwise to compromise on the choice of your research topic as the topic is one of those factors which can influence the impression generated by your paper. There are many aspects which must be considered while choosing a research paper topic. Most of those aspects are subject-specific. For example, while searching for Literature research paper topics, you must consider the specifications of the subject as well. The topic you choose for your literature paper must be one which:

• Offers credible sources for research.
• Interests you.
• Can hold the interest of your audience till the end.
• Can offer you an original thesis to work on.
• Can be studied within the given time limit.

One more point to remember while choosing a literature research topic is that, in literature, the writing and editing process can take as long as the research itself. If the topic is too narrow, you might end up with a paper which is too long as literature papers are usually meant to be written elaborately. Hence, narrow or broaden your topic to the point where you can write comfortably within the suggested page limit.

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