While handling research paper assignments about plays, it is important to have a very thorough understanding of all the aspects about the characters in those plays. Shakespeare plays are interesting to write on. But, as you might already know, it is a challenge to understand his characters in their full strength and depth. Most of his characters are extremely complex. The characters in Macbeth are even more so. Having a good grasp of each of the characters and their role in a play is vital to writing a Macbeth research paper.

• The central character of the play, Macbeth goes through a transition in character which is what the play is based on. Macbeth’s different attributes at various stages of the play must be studied thoroughly.

• Lady Macbeth, who holds as important a place as Macbeth in the play, is ambitious and becomes the power which awakens Macbeth’s ambitious nature. Even though she is portrayed negatively throughout the first half of the play, we see her undergo a transformation too. Her guilt leaves her insane and she commits suicide.

• The three witches form one of those factors which hold the story together. With their evil planning they draw Macbeth into doing all that he must not do. Their prophecies, even though accurate, prove misleading. It is quite apparent that the witches don’t care for anything but the ruin of Macbeth. They form the core of the plot that ends in Macbeth’s tragedy. An accurate understanding of the prophecies and the ways of these witches is important while writing a Macbeth research paper.

• King Duncan trusts Macbeth blindly as he has got proof of Macbeth’s loyalty and love for him. He does not doubt Macbeth’s intentions even once. He exits the play in the beginning itself. He is killed by the highly misled Macbeth for his throne.

• We meet Banquo as Macbeth’s friend. But fearing the prophecy which indicated that Banquo’s children would become kings of Scotland, Macbeth murders Banquo hoping that it would put an end to that threat. Banquo, even though tempted by the witches’ prophecies about his sons, never gives in to sinful ways. He stands for all that Macbeth should have been and would have been if Lady Macbeth had not interfered. Banquo’s character even though murdered in the first half of the play, does not leave the stage completely. He comes back as a ghost to haunt Macbeth.

• Malcolm, the son of King Duncan, who is the rightful heir to the throne, is not brave enough to face Macbeth alone. He is weak and confused, doubtful of his position and powers. But later on joined by the son of Banquo, he becomes the biggest threat to Macbeth.

• Macduff, son of Banquo, even though he appears only for a short while, is one of the characters to be studied thoroughly for the Macbeth research paper. He is murderously bitter towards Macbeth as his wife and child were murdered ruthlessly by the power-hungry, criminal minded Macbeth. His role suffers the tragedy due to Macbeth. He avenges Macbeth with the help of Malcolm.

There are some less important characters also like Fleance, Hecate and Lady Macduff who doesn’t leave much of an impression on the plot. Without having a good grasp of the characters and their roles, you will not be able to prepare an impressive Macbeth research paper. If you wish to avail of any more help with your research paper assignment, our writers will be glad to help you.