Macbeth is one of the most famous tragedies by William Shakespeare. The most tragic aspect about the whole story is the way greed and ambition eats into the life of a person who was, at a point of time, loyal and good at heart. Doing an analysis of the character of Macbeth is one of the topic options for your Macbeth research paper.

Students learn the story of Macbeth at very early stages of education itself as the story carries a strong moral. But do not be mistaken that your knowledge of the play Macbeth, which was acquired at an earlier stage of education, would suffice to write a research paper on it. While analyzing the character of Macbeth for the purpose of writing a Macbeth research paper, you will be expected to have a thorough knowledge of even the finest attributes of the character. You will also need to have an in-depth and clear-cut understanding of the various roles played by him within the plot.

When we meet the character of Macbeth for the first time, he is one of the most loyal generals of the King Duncan, the ruler of Scotland. But everything changes with the entry of the three witches. Their prophecy indicating Macbeth’s ascent to the throne triggers off a sinful ambition in his mind. Lady Macbeth, who is a very strong an ambitious lady, with no honest feelings as Macbeth possesses, convinces Macbeth to kill King Duncan to see the prophecy fulfilled.

Macbeth would not have given in to the evil plans of the three witches but for the pressure from Lady Macbeth. It is not clear if Macbeth’s love for his wife is genuine or not. But the fact that he never blames his wife even once, during his days of regret and guilt, leaves us to wonder if he actually loved her so much as to forgive all her sins. But through out the story, Macbeth proves to be bolder in moral principles and weaker in criminal actions, than his wife.

Macbeth, remembering that the witches had also said that Banquo would be the father of kings, wishes to eradicate Banquo’s family, to secure his throne for his sons. He gets Banquo murdered but Banquo’s son Fleance escapes. The murder of Banquo shows how Macbeth has fallen from his mighty and loyal self to a cruel and cold-blooded murderer.

The irony of how Macbeth who was willing to give his life for Duncan, takes his life, is noticeable. Taking notice of these simple facts about the play is important while you are dealing with a Macbeth research paper. Macbeth’s transition from a loyal person to an ambitious and criminal minded person is not a fast one. We see him go through various stages of transition. Initially he is overwhelmed by the witches’ prophecy. His ambition, still suppressed by his loyalty to the king, refuses to give in to his moral impulses. We see Macbeth pondering over the witches’ prophecies over and over till lady Macbeth shows him the way to fulfill it.

Understanding the central character is the key to writing the character analysis of a play. And Macbeth, being a character of so much depth and complexities, is not easy to contain. If you wish to get a custom research paper prepared by professionals for your Macbeth research paper project, we shall be glad to assist you.