A research paper assignment on a play would require the students to do a thorough study of all the characters in it. And if you are studying a particular character for the purpose of analyzing it for the research paper, then that character needs to be studied even more thoroughly. The study must include everything about the nature of the character, the direct and indirect roles played by it and also its relation to the rest of the characters. Banquo, even though has a short role to play in Macbeth, does not exit the play when he dies. An analysis of his character can be a good option of topic for a Macbeth research paper.

Banquo remains on stage only for a short duration. After that his presence is known only through other characters. He lives through the celestial regeneration and through the words and thoughts of Macbeth. This might leave casual readers without much of an impression of him but it must not be so with someone who is writing a Macbeth research paper.

Banquo enters the scene with Macbeth in his first appearance. He is introduced as Macbeth’s close friend and another extremely loyal and good-natured person who is another general of King duncan. He soon becomes an integral part of the play, indirectly, when the three witches declare his future as ‘the father of kings’.

Banquo personifies a contrasting character to that of the central character of Macbeth, even though deep down, they are both loyal and good-hearted gentlemen. Banquo’s character proves that it is better to die as a good human being than to live the life of a sinner. He exits the play when the assassins hired by Macbeth murders him. Even though his son Fleance was also to be murdered, he escapes. This leaves the chance open for the witches’ prophecy, about Banquo becoming father of kings, to come true at a later point, even though we do not witness it in the play. While studying Banquo as a topic for your Macbeth research paper, you will have to assume his future and past also through the hints given in the play.

Banquo gives more importance to his moral impulses than let his ambition mislead him into committing sin. His character highlights the crimes committed by Macbeth. He is quite carried away by the prophecy and it indeed tempts him to brood over it. But in the end he chooses his loyalty above his ambition to see the prophecy come true. This indirect role of his character is what makes him a good option of topic for your Macbeth research paper.

Banquo re-enters the scene, after his death, as a ghostly apparition. We can assume that the ghost of Banquo is not real but only a projection of Macbeth’s guilty mind. Or you can argue that considering the supernatural forces which are a part of the play, Banquo’s ghost was also real. The beauty of Shakespeare’s narration is in the fact that he leaves a lot to the imagination of the reader. And that, exactly, is the reason why many aspects of his plays are still in the list of research topics.

There is no dearth of topics for a Macbeth research paper. But finding one on which you have some fresh idea or perspective is the most important thing. If you wish to take help with any part of your research paper, our writers will be glad to help you.