Lady Macbeth has been a favorite topic for literature enthusiasts. For the same reason, she would prove a very interesting topic for a literature research paper assignment also. While analyzing Shakespeare’s characters for research paper assignments, you learn a good deal more about the plot and the sub plots as well. And considering the role played by Lady Macbeth, it is needless to say that she would be one of the best characters to analyze for a Macbeth research paper.

The first thing that catches your eye about Lady Macbeth would be her ambitious nature. The moment she learns about the prophecy of the three witches about Macbeth, she decides that she will see him to the throne, even if she has to dominate his actions. She even requests God to ‘unsex’ her in her soliloquy which can only be interpreted as a wish to acquire the dominant nature of men. And it is apparent that she wishes that her feminine side doesn’t weaken her in her ambition and determination to help Macbeth ascent the throne.

True to her resolve, she manages to force Macbeth to commit the crime which is the central plot of the story. She stays with him through the criminal act and wherever Macbeth becomes weaker due to his moral sense, she takes up the part voluntarily even though she questions Macbeth’s masculinity. These are the points which meet the eyes of all those who read or see the play. But while you are preparing a Macbeth research paper, you must probe deeper into the character and its attributes.

We see Lady Macbeth, in the play, as someone who is always chasing power and position. Her feminine side, which she wishes to bury, remains buried through out the play. The only hint we get of her feminine weakness is that of the insanity which gets hold of her as a result of her guilty conscience. But since guilt and remorse are not attributes which can be classified as ‘feminine’, we cannot use it to prove her feminine side. All the same, it is noticeable as to how easily Macbeth rises over his guilt and how helplessly Lady Macbeth sinks into it.

It is not clear whether she ever loved Macbeth or not. But she is most certainly, a good example of how women can make up for the limitations of strength through manipulation of the stronger sex. Her transition from a ruthless and ambitious woman to a helpless and insane one is something you must definitely mention when you write about her in your Macbeth research paper.

You can go beyond all known aspects of the character to present a completely different view of it while writing a research paper. The appeal of the research paper lies in how unusual your theory is. But remember that the theory you project must be proved with substantial evidence and arguments. The only way you can see a fresh angle to Lady Macbeth is by studying all the existing views on her character. The research for your Macbeth research paper might be tedious but it will be quite interesting to study a character as deep and complex as Lady Macbeth.

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