Research paper writing is a process which teaches you many things other than the topic you are writing on. It teaches you how to judge your strengths and weaknesses, sort out your priorities and be organized. While handling a math research paper assignment, you will learn to use words to explain figures.

But in order to be able to enjoy the process you need a topic that suits you. You will not always get lucky enough to be given the liberty to choose a topic on your own. There will be assignments which come with a pre-assigned topic or sometimes, a list of options of topics to choose from. But whenever you have the liberty to choose your topic there a few things you should consider before finalizing your choice.

1. The assignment guidelines: Study each and every instruction in the guidelines of your math research paper project, carefully. Even general instructions might have points which you need for finding the right topic.

2. The subject area: You would have been assigned the project in relation to the study of a particular area of math. The topic you choose should fulfill that objective as well.

3. Your knowledge of the topic: Mathematics is a subject which is very complex but most accurate in its theories. Hence, unless you know the topic thoroughly, you will not be able to write on it. Unlike other subjects, to understand certain formulas and theories in math, you might even have to go down to the level of a six or eight year old to get a start with it. So if you are not prepared for the trouble, choose a topic which you are familiar with. A thorough knowledge of the basics of the topic will also help you to proceed with the research easily.

4. The deadline: It is a very important factor to be considered while choosing the topic for a math research paper. If you are not familiar with the topic you choose, the deadline must be long enough for you to accommodate the initial study, to understand the topic, and the further research on it.

5. Your interests: Research paper writing is a long process. And a math research paper writing process would not only be long but also mentally tiring. The best way to ease the stress is to pick a topic which interests you. That will help you enjoy your research work and appreciate what you are doing.

6. The appeal of the topic: There is nothing that can add more appeal to a math assignment than a fresh and original topic.

The beauty of math lies in the wonders it does. Make sure that your research topic is capable of containing that beauty. Take a look at some research paper samples before finalizing the topic. A math research paper must be the perfect proportion of words and figures. Hence it will take time for you to perfect the skill of writing mathematics. A careful choice of topic can make your task much easier.