Mathematical thinking is not one that comes easily to anyone. Even the best of mathematicians have confessed on how they spent months or even years to get a start on a particular problem. So forming a good hypothesis for a math research paper will not be easy. There is indeed a lot of thinking to do and points to be put together in order to form a mathematical theory. Even though the nature of your thesis would depend on the type of assignment as well as the topic you are dealing with, the trouble involved would be more or less the same in finding an impressive thesis to work on.

You may start the process by choosing the topic as per the assignment guidelines. Since math has so many divisions and sub divisions, the nature of your thesis would vary according to the branch of math you are studying for the research. But paying attention to a few basic factors will help you come out with a good thesis.

To start with, consider the topic well enough. Think of what the easiest and most direct solution would be, to the problem addressed. Then consider this first solution. It will mostly be an obvious one, which can’t be presented as a thesis. Then consider another solution. Since math solutions must be as clearly defined as the presented problem, your task is to find out if you are capable of defining the solution you have in mind well enough. The complexity of math problems is due to the fact that, in many cases, the solution becomes visible before the method. More than often, the solution will be in front of your eyes but you may not know how to get there. Do not choose such ones as your hypothesis as it would be a risk. If you fail to do it, you will end up with an incomplete math research paper.

The stance you take or, in other words, your thesis must be logically reasonable and practically accurate. Once you close in on a hypothesis which is original and impressive, then you must find the best words to state it. The thesis is stated for the first time, as the last sentence of the introduction. It is again reinstated in the conclusion. The main difference between the two statements would be that of the tone. In the introductory paragraph, you are just stating what you think is right and a theory which is true according to you. But by the time you reach the concluding statement you have clearly illustrated the problem and the method by which you reached the conclusion. Hence, in the concluding paragraph of your math research paper, your thesis statement would take the tone of a declaration. It will be more bold and authoritative than the statement in the introduction.

The thesis you choose for your math research paper should be one that is not just a solution but a solution with a clearly defined method. The accuracy of formulas and figures must be confirmed before stating the thesis or forwarding the research paper proposal. Check out some research paper samples to get an idea of what a good thesis is and how to state it.