How to prepare MLA format research papers

Knowing the basic requirements of an assignment plays a big role in the level of stress you go through. Students often forget about these basic aspects while dealing with the bigger issue of doing research and gathering evidence. But there is literally no point in research paper guidelines that can be ignored. The format is one of those aspects which you need to actually worry about as it forms a part of the judging criteria. There are various styles of documentation which are used to format research papers. MLA style, developed by the Modern Language Association of America, is most suited for literature and arts subjects. But MLA format research papers are common in other subjects also as this is a very simple style to work with.

There are certain things about things you should know about MLA documentation style when formatting a research paper in that style.

• MLA citation style is different from the other styles in many ways. It gives flexibility in style by accepting footnotes, endnotes, content notes, in-text citations and bibliographical references, as per the preferences of the instructor. Unlike styles like APA, MLA format does not strictly forbid the use of any of these citation methods, even though it advises against using lengthy footnotes as it would distract the reader. Whereas footnotes or endnotes are optional, in-text citations or parenthetical references along with a bibliographical list is mandatory. Please note that it would be just a bibliographical list and not a bibliography page; which means to convey that the bibliography need not be a separate page in an MLA format research paper. It can be listed as a continuation of your research paper under the heading of ‘Works Cited’. This list would be arranged alphabetically according to the surname of the author.

• Another feature to note about MLA style is that the title page is also not separate. It would appear on the top of the first page of your document. You can place the surname of the author and the page number on the top right and the full name of the student, the subject, the name of the professor and the date on the top left. The title would follow leaving two spaces below, centrally aligned. Your research paper would be a continuation of the title page. This is typical to MLA format research papers.

• The font is expected to be any of those which is used for official documentation like Times new roman. The preferred font size is 12pt, with one inch margins on each side and double spaces between lines.

• MLA style manual has discussed in detail, the methods to cite each type of source and these should be ascertained from the latest version of MLA style manual. Even though it is rather liberal in many ways, the citation style must comply with the instructions in the manual.

MLA format research paper guidelines must be studied carefully before referring to the MLA style manual as the instructor has a lot of liberty with the style. Any specifications regarding the formatting, given in the assignment guidelines, must be followed above those in the manual. If you are not feeling up to the task, we can prepare a custom research paper, formatted in MLA style, for you. Our experienced writers, with their expertise will be able to offer you, an outstanding research paper.