MLA style research paper citation methods

MLA style research papers are assigned to students of all subjects. It is a very simple style to use and offers a lot of flexibility to the writer. This style was developed for literature research documentation, by the modern Language Association of India. It is also highly preferred by humanities subjects. This style has detailed out, each of its specifications and rules in its style manual. The manual covers every aspect of research paper writing, including the formatting as well as the citations.

Since this style is preferred by so many professors, it will help the students if they know what MLA style is all about and what the specific requirements of the style are. Even though comparatively simple and flexible, even MLA style has its own specific features. Understanding your options while writing a research paper using the MLA style is necessary as even the flexible rules have their limitations. The main difference between the various types of research paper documentation styles is in its citation methods. Hence, you must pay enough attention to the way you cite your MLA style research paper.

• MLA style require in-text citations. The surname of the author and the page number are the points to be included in the same. These pieces of information are to be given in brackets next to the cited matter.
• Footnotes and endnotes are also allowed if preferred by the teacher but MLA style does not encourage its use. Hence, unless your assignment guidelines specifically ask for it, you are not to use footnotes or endnotes in MLA style research papers.
• The reference list is called the ‘Works Cited’ list. This should start on a fresh sheet. This list will include detailed information on the author, the title of the book, the publisher, the year of publishing and the place of publishing. The in-text citations or parenthetical references lead the reader to the information given on this page. This list is to be organized in the alphabetical order of the surnames of the authors of your sources.
• There are different methods for citing different types of sources. Ascertain the appropriate method for the kind of source you used in your research paper, by referring to the latest edition of MLA style manual.
• Content notes, which give additional information on the points in the research paper, are used in MLA style.

MLA style is recognized by the heading of ‘Works Cited’ section. If you are claiming to have prepared your research paper in MLA style without having adhered to its rules, your research paper may not get accepted. Preparing a research paper in a particular style can be quite frustrating considering the fact that the research paper writing stage comes after a long research process.

If you do not have enough time to dedicated for preparing your research paper in MLA style, you have a very good option. Our writers are quite knowledgeable about the various styles of documentation and would be able to prepare an MLA style research paper specially for you, as it suits your assignment guidelines as well.