A narrative research paper is expected to prove a theory through the narration of an incident or a story. Narration means presenting a chain of inter-connected events in proper order. Any event that can be narrated or isolated incidents which can be connected to each other to form a story can become the theme of your narrative assignment. One difference that may be noted about a research paper of narrative nature is that the introduction is flexible.

While deciding on what kind of introduction you wish to give, you should consider the subject you are doing the research on and also the type of topic you are dealing with. An inappropriate introduction will not manage to connect well with the coming paragraphs. In order to make your research paper smooth flowing, you should prepare your introduction according to the subject, the topic and the kind of narrative you are planning to use.

A research paper introduction usually gives the reader a rough idea of what is coming. You may do the same for a narrative research paper but you can also do it in other ways. If you wish to experiment with the introduction of a narrative assignment, the only thing you need to be sure of is your narrative skills.

If you do not wish to try your writing prowess, then you may prepare your introduction in the usual method. Frame a brief line on your topic. Mention the theory which you are aiming at proving. Give some background information on the story you are about to narrate. This may include the place where the event took place, the main people involved in the event or story and the time frame in which the story happened. Once again, remember that in a narrative assignment, it is all optional. You need to mention only what you wish to mention, as long as you can make up for the missing details with interesting narration. This is mainly because narration usually involves a story and the focal points of stories vary from one to another. It is not advisable to reveal the main aspect or theme of a story in the introduction itself. Hence you have been given the freedom to frame the introduction in a way that suits your narrative research paper content.

If you wish to do it in a slightly different way, you can start with a very creative line, which is interesting enough to generate curiosity in the readers. It should reflect the nature of your story without revealing the story itself. You should be able to link your introduction to the next paragraph which will be a part of the story itself.

One thing you should keep in mind while writing an introduction is that it is a part of your research paper. Even though it is a paragraph which stands independently, it is the one which leads the reader to the coming paragraphs. So whichever way you start it, it should not sound isolated from the rest of your research paper.

Without good narrative skills it is very difficult to put together an impressive narrative research paper. If you are not confident about the task in hand, you may also opt to get a custom research paper done on the topic.