A narrative research paper assignment will focus on an event or a story to guide the readers to the conclusion. The effect the paper has on the reader depends quite a lot on the correct usage of words because it is a narrative assignment. This is applicable also for writing the conclusion of such an assignment.

The introduction and conclusion of a narrative assignment differs slightly, in nature, from other types of assignments. This type of assignment offers more freedom to the writer with the structure than the others. All that matters is the beauty of your narration and also how well the narrative suits the objective of your assignment.

While preparing the narrative research paper conclusion, you should remember the fact that it is not easy to fit a story into one line. Unlike other research papers which are made up of separate points, here your assignment is made of a story or a chain of events, each of which will be incomplete without the other. This is what makes a narrative conclusion a bit more difficult than the others.

Your narrative research paper conclusion can be written in as unique a way as it suits your narrative abilities. But there are a few points which are expected to be seen in the conclusion. The main one would be the theory which you have formed out of the narrated event or story. Without it, your narrative will end abruptly. This focal point of your story has to be presented with reference to the particular part which justifies it. As it is narrative in nature, you can make your conclusion interesting with the right choice of words, unlike the other assignments where the conclusion is more of a proclamation.

Finish off the story before the conclusion. You should not continue with it in the concluding paragraph. Respect the fact that the conclusion is only for the purpose of winding up the paper with emphasis to your theory. Adding fresh parts of the story to the conclusion will distract the reader from your main objective. But if you trust your skills, you can attempt to use the last line of the story as the first line of the conclusion. This should be presented in such a way that it blends perfectly well with the rest of the concluding paragraph. And it should not stretch beyond one line. You need the rest of the space to state the success of your research.

Add beauty to the conclusion by presenting it in an interesting way. Make sure that you have said the story in such a way as to suit the theory. This is very important as stories usually have many angles and it keeps changing along with the point of view of the readers. Be precise. Use your words well.

Narration is a skill which takes time to develop unless you are born with it. Writing narrative essays and research papers is the best way to master it. But if you are not yet confident about your narrative abilities and need to deal with your assignment urgently, you can opt to get your narrative research paper written by professional academic writers.