The various types of research papers have been categorized depending on various factors related to it. The main criterion of categorization has been the objective of the research paper. Since all researches have a central aim, that objective becomes, most obviously, the simplest method of classification. An Opinion research paper is classified so due to its main objective of presenting your opinion on the given topic.

Opinion research papers are comparatively easier than research papers of argumentative nature. Here, you are only asked to give your opinion on a particular topic and justify it with evidence. The deference between an opinion and argument is that an argument has to be proved but an opinion just needs to be justified. It is absolutely important to understand this difference between an argument and an opinion in order to write a good research paper in any of these categories.

The reason why your opinion need not be proved as a fact is that opinions are not always correct. People have different perspectives about different topics. This works on the principle of ‘no two people think alike’. But you will also find people who opine on matters without any base, only to be a part of the conversation or to feel important. It is okay to give baseless opinions while in a casual conversation. But while writing an opinion research paper, you can’t just give an opinion and get away with it.

For a research paper of this genre to be effective and impressive, you should make your opinion sound worthy of consideration. Your research paper will be judged on how good your opinion is. For the purpose of justifying your opinion you will have to explain how you formed that opinion. An opinion which is vaguely formed is never too useful. But one that has come out of a detailed and thorough study of a topic will always be worth considering.

An opinion research paper gives you the benefit of doubt. Your opinion need not be proved right as long as you can convince your readers that your opinion can be a possible conclusion. The difficulty of writing such a research paper is due to the fact that it is very difficult to convince someone else that your opinion could be better than his own. And, always keep it in mind that those who are judging your paper could easily be of a completely different opinion.

Credible and strongly supporting sources help considerably in justifying your opinion. Since you cannot always provide substantial evidence for an opinion, try to find the best possible sources for your opinion research paper. With the support of good sources it will not be very difficult to project the worthiness of your opinion.

Without studying the topic well you will not be able to provide a genuine opinion on it. And without a good opinion, your opinion research paper will not be impressive. If you do not know how to present your opinion in an impressive way, you can consider getting a custom research paper done on the topic.