An opinion research paper is less demanding compared to other research papers. But that doesn’t qualify it as an easy task. This type of research paper also has its own objective and that needs to be met in the most efficient way for your research paper to be impressive.

As the name clearly conveys, an opinion research paper asks for your opinion on a particular topic or any of the aspects related to a particular topic. But do not be under the impression that you can plainly present your opinion and get away with it. As in any research paper, any point stated needs to be proved or justified. Since an opinion cannot be proved, you will be expected to justify it with relevant explanation.

A topic that suits you and the guidelines is the easiest way to preparing a good research paper. As the first step, study the instructions in your guidelines, regarding the topic, carefully. Check out the topics which can be chosen with due respect to all the instructions in the guidelines. Once you have shortlisted a few which fits into the guidelines, consider certain aspects of the topics in hand, to find the best one from the lot.

If there is a topic which you have always taken interest in and have followed up for a long time, it would be a good option to choose that topic to write on. Only a complete and thorough knowledge of a topic can make you capable of giving a genuine and useful opinion on it. If there is no such topic which will suit your guidelines, then you are left with no option but to choose one that is comparatively familiar to you.

Assessing the knowledge level of your audience will also help in choosing a good topic. Your audience should be able to follow your opinion in order to be able to appreciate it. Hence it should be simple enough for your audience to comprehend. But, all the same, if the topic is too simple for their level, they may not be interested in hearing your opinion about it. So, think of whether your choice is too difficult or too simple to appeal to your audience.

Try not to choose a topic which has been opined about too often, unless you have a fresh and innovative opinion to present. A very common opinion will not be able to generate interest in your audience or create an impression. On the other hand, a completely fresh view or opinion on a much talked about topic is the best option for an opinion research paper.

Consider the availability of good sources also before finalizing on the topic because an opinion will not be able to stand independently without good supporting sources. The lack of substantial evidence in this type of research paper should be made up for, by credible and relevant sources.

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