In order to give an opinion about something, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the topic that is being discussed. Opinions which are not have the base of a good knowledge of the topic sound hollow and fail to impress the audience. The same applies to opinion research papers also. A thorough study is absolutely necessary to generate an impressive opinion. But equally important is the skill to present it effectively enough to impress the audience.

It is through the body paragraphs of your research paper that you present your theory or thesis to your audience. And that is where you need to put your writing skills to use. Opinions are not easily accepted by the audience whether it is a casual conversation or a research paper presentation. Unlike theories, opinions have no solid base. The moment your opinion finds a solid foothold or substantial evidence, it stops being an opinion. It will then be upgraded to a fact. But in an opinion research paper you are not allowed to present any established facts. Whatever you present is supposed to be your view of the matter. This should be kept in mind while preparing the body paragraphs of your opinion research paper.

After you state your thesis or your opinion in the thesis statement of your introduction, you will move on to elaborating the facts that justify your opinion. Start by using any one of the points in the introduction or something which can keep the link unbroken between the introduction and the first body paragraph. The introduction should, at no cost, be left isolated from the body of your research paper. You can accomplish this, also by a mention of the thesis statement in relation to the first point. But do not use the same phrases or same words for the purpose. Repetitive boredom is something that can create a very negative impression.

You should use your sources well in your body paragraphs to justify your view. With skillful use of citations, you can make your view look valuable and worth considering. The sources are of utmost importance in opinion research papers. It is not only the choice of sources that matter but also the way you use them. Remember to cite the sources according to the style asked for in the guidelines.

You should not be elaborating on any point in the conclusion. So make sure to discuss all the points in the body paragraphs itself. Organize your points into separate paragraphs to improve clarity of presentation. Try to arrange the points in such a way that one points leads to another as the facts which lead to an opinion is more than often linked together.

Effective presentation in body paragraphs will inevitably lead to a positive impression about your opinion. It will also project your knowledge on the topic of your opinion research paper. Thorough knowledge on the topic is the only factor that can give you the authority to opine about it. Hence, make sure that you have showcased your grasp of the topic well enough in the body of your research paper.