Writing a good abstract requires excellent writing skills. It is more difficult to compress points than to elaborate on them. While dealing with research papers of a unique an unusual nature, it becomes even more difficult to prepare a good abstract which fits well into the given norms of abstracts. An opinion research paper is one type of assignment which is quite unique in its nature and objectives. Before considering the specific requirements of an opinion research paper abstract, you need to know what the basic features of an abstract are.

The objective of an abstract is to give your audience a precise view of a rather lengthy research paper document. The audience forms their first impression about the topic and your research paper from the abstract. In certain cases, the abstracts are even used to determine the eligibility and worthiness of the research paper document. This determines the importance of this short presentation.

The main challenge with an abstract is that it should contain only around 250-300 words as per the specific guidelines of the project. Certain guidelines ask for a properly structured abstract. Even though a structured abstract with an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion will look organized and impressive, it is not mandatory for an abstract to have a structure unless specified so. It can also be written as one long paragraph which discusses the main aspects of the research paper.

Your topic would be the first point mentioned in your opinion research paper abstract. Do not elaborate too much. Remember the word limit and just put in the most necessary points about the topic and the particular aspect of the topic you wish to address in your research paper. The next aspect to be discussed would be the thesis which will be the most important point in your abstract. The unique nature of an opinion research paper is applicable to the abstract as well. Be clearly indicative of the fact that what you are presenting is merely your opinion. Even though it is a fact that is understood, do not leave it unsaid.

When presenting an opinion, you are facing the most difficult task of making your audience feel that your opinion is worth their time. To accomplish it in just a few words would be even more difficult. So find such points in your research paper which would convince your audience that your opinion is one which was formed out of a detailed study of the topic. Your knowledge of the subject and the topic should be showcased for the purpose.

Discuss the method and the conclusion briefly. It is possible that the opinion you had before you started the research changed by the time you were through with it. If so, mention that as well, in your opinion research paper abstract. In the modern times, where data gets stored electronically, keywords are used to retrieve files. Hence make sure to include some keywords which are closest to the focal point of your research, in your abstract.

Do not compromise with any of the aspects of your opinion research paper abstract as the impression created by the abstract, about your research paper, will last in the minds of your audience.