Opinions research papers differ from other research papers in all its aspects due to the fact that it is a research paper on an ‘opinion’ and not a fact. This difference affects all parts of the structure of this type of research paper, including its thesis. If you do not understand the difference, you might end up presenting a thesis which doesn’t suit the assignment, which will in turn disqualify your submission. In order to learn how to write an opinion research paper thesis, you need to first learn the basic aspects related to a research paper thesis.

A thesis is the argument or stance you take on a topic. This is the focal point of your research as well as your research paper. It will be stated in your introductory paragraph. It will be the last line of your introduction. And your thesis should necessarily be contained in a single line. These are the basic aspects of a thesis which applies to opinion research papers as well. But the nature of the thesis of an opinion research paper is what would differ from that of the other research papers.

The objective of your assignment would be to prove your thesis, in a normal research paper. Hence you will have to make sure that what you have stated as your thesis is proved beyond doubt, by the time you reach the conclusion of your research paper. But the difference with an opinion research paper thesis is that it will just be an opinion and therefore, too feeble to be proved as a theory, at that stage. Hence, whereas the thesis of a normal research paper would be a theory which you are sure to be true, the thesis of an opinion research paper would be a mere opinion which you cannot claim to be a proved theory.

But the doubtful nature of the opinion research paper thesis does not affect its position in any way. The thesis is still the most important part of your research paper and it still needs enough evidence. All that changes is the nature of your argument. Even an opinion research paper thesis should be a very clear statement which conveys to your audience successfully, what your opinion on the topic is. And by the time you get to the conclusion you should manage to convince your audience that your opinion is quite worthy of further thought. While dealing with an opinion research paper, this is the main thing to keep in mind.

The thesis will be reinstated in the conclusion as in any other research paper. But the difference is, instead of telling your audience that your theory is proved beyond any doubt, you will be telling them about how, all the points you presented towards the evidence, proves that your opinion is a valuable one. Your thesis should be presented in a confident voice in order to generate a positive impression, in your audience, about your knowledge of the subject.

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