Understanding the criteria of an original research paper topic

One stage of research paper writing which causes panic in students is the stage of choosing a topic. The panic is caused mainly due to the fact that the students aren’t sure of what kind of topic would qualify as a good one. Even though they have been asked to come up with ‘original research paper topics’, they remain confused as to what kind of a topic would fit into that criteria. And without knowing what you are looking for, it is apparent that you will not be able to find it.

There are many aspects which can be used to judge the originality or authenticity of a research paper topic.

1. One of the main factors which determine the originality of the topic is its novelty.
2. A specific aspect of a particular topic which was never noticed or used by other researchers would also be an original research paper topic.
3. Even if the topic is one that has been researched on many times before, a fresh take on the topic can make it authentic and original.
4. A completely unusual perspective of even a controversial topic can be considered as an original idea.
5. If you oppose an existing theory, which has been established by other researchers, that would also count as an original topic.

There are many ways of finding authentic topics for your research. Internet has made research a much simpler process. You will most certainly have to do some research if you wish to find a very good topic for your research. You can use internet as the main source to get ideas for an original research paper topic for your project .

• Go through research topics in general, in a relaxed manner. If you persuade your mind to crack a great idea, out of the blue, you will be disappointed. Most human minds have a silly tendency to shut down when pressurized for anything. Hence it is better to leave it relaxed while trying to get it to work.
• After going through many topic options, leave an interval before you set your mind to work again.
• Think of any of the topics which appealed to you.
• Consider if it is a rather fresh topic or a much researched one.
• If it is a topic which has been worked on by many researchers, do some more research to find out which all aspects of the topic have been studied before.
• Find out one such aspect which is still unexplored or think of a fresh perspective to deal with the research problem.

While hunting for original research paper topics, remember that your job does not end there. The more authentic the topic is, the more difficult the research would be. If you are not being able to come up with an original idea or if you are finding it tough to deal with the authentic topic you chose for your research paper, there is no need to worry. We offer help to students with all their issues related to the handling of the various types of academic writing assignments. You can opt to get a custom research paper done by our expert writers as per the requirements of your project. Our writers will make sure that your project is done to perfection. We also offer to rewrite it for you till you are fully satisfied.