The plays written by William Shakespeare, the most famous playwright of all times, can be divided into comedies, tragedies and histories. Othello is one of the most famous tragedies written by Shakespeare. Writing an Othello research paper is not an easy task considering the complexity of the plot.

The Shakespeare plays have been categorized according to the themes and ending of the play. The plays which end well are categorized as comedies, those which end on a sad note classified as tragedies and themes which are based on historical facts come under histories. Othello’s plot also, even though not tragic throughout, ends in a big tragedy. You need to first know the basic plot in order to write an Othello research paper.

Othello, a noble moor, is in love with Desdemona. His most passionate and obsessive love is the central theme of the story. The villain in the story is Iago, who has ill feelings towards Othello for many reasons. He plots against Othello and uses all the other characters in the play to succeed in his evil aim. Roderigo, who is a foolish rich man, is madly in love with Desdemona and joins Iago hoping to be rewarded with Desdemona.

The story ends in a tragedy when Othello falls prey to Iago’s plan and murders Desdemona believing her to have been unfaithful to him. But when he realizes the truth about Desdemona’s loyalty towards him which had never wavered even once, he commits suicide out of the guilt of having killed her.

This is just a basic outline of the famous tragedy. While studying the play in detail you will come across many other characters which play equally important roles in the plot. While writing a research paper on Othello, it is necessary to understand not only the storyline but also the technical aspects of the play. You will also have to investigate the techniques used by Shakespeare in this particular play. You will also have to study the social structure of the period during which the play was written in order to understand it fully.

Othello is a play which portrays the most complicated of human relations and emotions. Shakespeare has also used writing techniques like irony and pun in this play. They are so well blended into the plot that you will need to read the play several times before being able to spot them. It takes a lot of creativity and imagination to decipher the plays written by Shakespeare.

Before starting your research, consider the main objective of your research paper. Figure out the particular aspect of the play which is to be researched on and the type of research paper that has been asked for. Even though you should learn all the aspects of the play, while writing the research paper, your focus should be on the given topic. The other aspects which you found out for background information can be used if necessary to support your thesis. But do not give in to accidental digression.

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