Literature students are given various types of assignments on different works of literature. It includes research papers and essay assignments which vary in content and methods. You may be asked to do a research paper on Othello for your literature project. If you have the option of choosing the topic, you may choose to do a character analysis for your Othello research paper as it would be a very interesting topic. It can also come up as a pre-assigned topic considering the depth and literary value of the work.

Shakespeare’s Othello is famous as one of the greatest tragedies ever. It will be interesting but not easy to write a character analysis on the characters of a plot which is so complex. The reason why it would be interesting to analyze the characters of Othello is because it has characters of which the nature is still debated on. The plot of this play is quite complicated and the nature of its main characters extremely complex. Hence it is not very clear as to whether Shakespeare had meant to portray some of them as negative characters or positive ones.

To understand the characters well enough to do an analysis on them you need to know the plot very well. Characters are sometimes directly and indirectly involved in the plot. Knowing both types of roles played by the characters is important for the purpose of analyzing them and presenting them for your Othello research paper.

Othello, the main character of the play has been portrayed as a gentleman who falls in love with the Venetian beauty, Desdemona. He comes across as a noble person and also a fierce and aggressive warrior. This is the idea you get of the character initially. But for writing a literature research paper on the character analysis you will need to get much deeper into the character to find out more about it.

The character, even though brave and valiant, also expresses his insecurities and inferiority complex throughout the story. We see him suspecting the most genuine love of Desdemona only because he thinks of himself as unattractive and less fair than the other Venetian gentlemen. He fails to see Desdemona’s eye for inner beauty and never manages to understand her true and unconditional love for him. You can even say that it is this insecurity of Othello that led to the tragedy.

Most readers tend to justify Othello as the innocent victim of the plot by Iago, the villain of the story. But there are many who disagree. Iago is indeed evil and cunning but the question remains whether it was necessary for Othello to give in to Iago’s plot so easily. To form your own opinion on the topic you will have to read each line of the play carefully and also research on the various angles from which Othello has been interpreted.

To write an interesting Othello research paper, you will have to keep aside enough time to read through the book as many times as necessary and also to do research on the topic. Research paper assignments are always turn out interesting if you manage to present it well.