While dealing with a research paper on Othello, you will be surprised to find the large number of topics available for research under this one play. Such was the complexity of William Shakespeare’s plots that it attracted so many debates and researches on its content as well as characters. The main attribute of Shakespeare’s plays is his most unique style of writing and the unusual way he uses his words to add charm to the narration. His characters are also interestingly complex and most unique. You may choose to analyze any of the main characters of the play for an Othello research paper, as they are all equally interesting to write on.

Desdemona, the lover and wife of Othello is an emblem of unconditional love and trust. If you have been studying Shakespeare for long, you must be aware of his writing style whereby he narrates the story through the conversations between the characters of his play. Hence to write about Desdemona you need to read through the conversations involving her, several times, till you have an excellent idea of the role she has played in the play.

Desdemona, having been born and brought up in a very rich and respectable family and being of such beauty and grace, had a huge number of suitors requesting her hand in marriage. But she chooses Othello for his valiant and bold nature, without worrying about his looks. At this point, we see Desdemona as a very independent woman, arguing with her father fiercely for her rights as an individual. But unfortunately, we don’t get to see this bold and strong character of Desdemona after her marriage to Othello. One can argue that it does come out once after Othello hits her in Act IV, Scene I, when she is shocked and remarks that she didn’t deserve it.

But other than that we see no trace of her initial bold character after she starts living with Othello. Her unconditional love for Othello makes her fully submissive to him. She is totally selfless when it comes to Othello. This is the main aspect of Desdemona’s character that settles in your mind while studying Othello. But if you are writing the character analysis for an Othello research paper, it will not help much to elaborate on the well-known aspects of a character. For that purpose you should focus on one of the more hidden natures of the character of Desdemona.

Even though she appears as a very submissive woman throughout the bigger portion of the play, we find traces of her playful nature and girlish characteristics at regular intervals. You will find that in her conversations with Emilia, her friend, there is much more to be dug out in terms of her character than what reveals itself to you at first sight.

Reading a play for the purpose of writing a research paper should not be the same as reading it for fun. While studying a play, especially one by Shakespeare, every single word should be studied carefully. Only through a thorough study of the play you shall be able to come forth with an interesting analysis of Desdemona for your Othello research paper.