What to know while preparing outlines for research papers

Research papers come out impressive when prepared systematically. There are various stages in research paper writing. Some are mandatory while some are optional to be used as per the writer’s choice. One such stage is that of the outlining. Many students choose to omit this stage as they feel that it is insignificant because it is not a part of the completed document. But the truth is that the outline, even though not included in the final document, reflects clearly through your writing. Hence it is important that you use outlines for research papers, whether you enjoy the task or not.

There are many things to know about preparing research paper outlines.

• An outline’s main purpose is to organize the points you have collected towards your research. An outline will give you an overview of the points, making it easier for you to figure out whether anything is missing or whether some of the points you picked are irrelevant.

• While preparing the outline for research paper, remember to cut off or mark the points you have already included in the outline. If you don’t do it, there are chances that you miss out some of them or repeat them in more than one paragraph.

• There are many types of outlines. You must decide which one suits you the best. This can be determined by your understanding of the pattern. Some outlines lay out the points with focus on the structural components of the assignment. Some others focus on the various elements of your research paper. You must choose one which you can easily work on. Your understanding of the outline is very important while developing it into a research paper.

• The outlines for research papers should clearly address the various elements of research paper writing like the thesis statement, the different points as per the priority level and the citations. Missing out on any of these can risk you forgetting to add them in your research paper also. Hence you must prepare the outline only after completing your research. If you feel that there are not enough points to establish your theory, after preparing the outline, you may do a bit more research and place the new points in the appropriate places in the outline.

A research paper prepared from an outline is easily recognizable by its neatness and legibility. It also works the other way around. Teachers can easily spot a research paper which was developed without the use of an outline. It always adds impressiveness to your research paper when your teacher knows that you have gone to that extra trouble to prepare an outline for your research paper. That would also stand to prove your systematic approach towards your studies.

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