What to know about the outlines for research papers

Most students are aware of the existence of research outlines but most of them prefer to omit it as it is not a mandatory component of a research paper. It is unfortunate that most students fail to appreciate the many ways in which an outline improves the appeal of a research paper document. Only if you understand the purpose of preparing outlines for research papers and find out how easy it is to prepare one, you will be able to appreciate it.

The main purposes

1. To organize the points
2. To sort them out and place them appropriately
3. To make the editing an easier task.

Other purposes

Outline for Research Paper1. To avoid accidental digressions
2. To spot the irrelevant points which accidentally got in during research
3. To give you an overview of the points collected, thus giving you an idea of whether you need to do more research or not
4. To give you an idea of how much each point can be elaborated within the prescribed page limit
5. To make sure that you have not accidentally missed out any of the points
6. To ensure that no points are repeated

It is quite apparent that it is foolish not to make use of such a useful device, especially when it does not cost you anything to use it.

The research paper outline formats

There are various patterns for preparing outlines for research papers. There will be no specifications regarding the research paper outline format, in your guidelines, as it is not a mandatory component. Hence, you will be free to choose any format which suits you and your understanding. The outline formats can be classified based on the structural components or structural elements.

The structural components:

This format of research paper outlines require you to sort the points based on the various components of your assignment. You might be aware that some of the components of a research paper are mandatory whereas some others are optional. Hence, you must refer to your guidelines and figure out which all components need to be included in your research paper before preparing the outline. In this format, you would be sorting out your points based on the components like:

1. The methodology
2. The introduction
3. The body paragraphs
4. The conclusion
5. The bibliography

The structural elements:

A research paper is built using various structural elements. If you prefer to sort your points on the basis of these elements, that would work equally well. Since every individual has a different frequency when it comes to understanding concepts, your preference is all that will matter while choosing the format for preparing the outline for research paper projects. The basic structural elements can be classified as:

1. The thesis
2. The main point
3. The second main point
4. The third main point
5. The evidence
6. The result
7. The sources
8. The acknowledgments

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