Persuasive research paper and essay projects are very common among academic writing assignments. The objective of this type of assignment is evident from the name itself – persuading others to believe in, or agree with, your views on a particular topic.

Certain other assignments like argumentative research papers also use persuasive techniques, even though ‘persuasive’ is not a part of its name. It is important to understand the difference between the objectives of various writing assignments and use the right method for each, in order to secure good grades.

For the purpose of writing a persuasive research paper, you have to state your view on the given topic or whatever topic you are writing on. Further on, you are expected to establish your point through relevant arguments.

You can start your argument by placing a statement, towards the end of your introduction, about your take on the topic. This will help you link the introduction to the body paragraphs. In the coming paragraphs, you will discuss the matter in detail. You should explain why you have taken that particular view. Your explanation should be easy for the audience to follow. Remember that without understanding your argument, they will not be able to decide whether to agree with you or not.

You will also need strong evidence to support your view. For that you will have to rely on a few well-chosen sources. It is important to understand what all can be counted as ‘relevant’ and ‘reliable’ when you are choosing the sources to support an argument. ‘Reliable sources’ can be defined as those which have been known to contain genuine, authenticated information on your topic. The better your source is, the more impressive your argument will be.

You should also include a brief discussion of the existing views which oppose yours. Arguments are never interesting unless there is a counter argument. Hence, to establish your facts, you can use the method of proving the counter argument wrong. Now, this is a bit of a difficult task and you should not attempt it unless you are quite sure of what you are talking about. Being confident about what you are talking is vital for persuasive research paper writing; and confidence will come only from an in-depth knowledge of the topic. Unless you know the topic you are dealing with, well enough, you will not be able to persuade others to believe in you.

Build the argument slowly. It should be a gradual process. Start by stating your views. Slowly proceed by explaining them and then countering the existing or opposing views, presenting enough evidence and finally, stressing upon your point confidently and persuasively. Prioritize your arguments in such a way that one leads to the other, making it more effective and believable.

The style of writing plays a key role in assignments which use persuasive methods. Only confident and impressive writing can make others believe in something that they may not even have considered till then. Once you finish writing your persuasive research paper, read through the document to see if it is good enough to convince others. To be precise, a very good knowledge of the topic, reliable sources and good writing skills are the necessary elements for writing a good persuasive research paper.