Almost everyone is familiar with the word plagiarism, in the modern world. It has become a regular issue faced by all sections of the creative field. It has been labeled a crime by law makers and the punishment is severe for those who are accused of it. Knowing the futility of resorting to it and understanding the extent of the consequences are the best methods to remember to keep clear of it.

Plagiarism is a crime which existed long before it got recognized. You will be able to trace its origin, back to the time creativity started getting acknowledged as a skill. Initially people were unaware of it. But even when they realized the existence of this crime, they had no methods of stopping it. It thrived due to the lack of effective detection methods. Even when something of the sort came to light during earlier days, those who committed the crime always got away due to mere technicalities of the law. But now it has all changed. Plagiarism is known to everyone as a criminal offense and very effective methods of detecting plagiarism are in place.

Students are the ones who get most affected by the lack of awareness of this crime and its punishments. They resort to plagiarism, sometimes because they don’t have enough confidence in their own skills and sometimes due to lack of interest in the subject. The pressure of numerous writing assignments and tight deadlines also lead them to choosing the easy option. But they don’t realize the extent of trouble they would be in if they are caught. It is absolutely necessary for them to realize the importance of making sure that they don’t resort to using others’ works, as theirs, for academic writing assignments.

You also need to be aware of the chances of accidental plagiarism. It occurs mainly when the work is done at the last minute, in a rush. When that happens, you don’t get time to pay enough attention to the bibliographical data. But, unfortunately, there is no way of finding out whether it is accidental or deliberate. So if accused of the crime, you will not be able to get away claiming it was accidental.

The best way to avoid being accused of plagiarism is to cite your sources, clearly, without fail. You have to take every possible measure to make sure that you are not accidentally leaving out any sources. And for the purpose, you should note down the sources right next to the information you take down, while doing your research. If you keep it for later, it is very much possible that you miss some of them.

Your research papers, term papers and essay assignments are given for the purpose of assessing you knowledge of the subject. It is also meant to give you a chance to find out more about the subject or the topic in question. It will benefit you more to use the opportunity than to plagiarize and put yourself in trouble. Always keep it in mind that, considering the consequences, it is simply not worth it, to try and save the trouble of genuine research by committing an offense like plagiarism that could ruin your academic career.