Ascertaining the suitability of a possible research paper topic

There is no dearth of research paper topics in any subject. But then why is it such a task to find a good topic for a research paper project? The difficulty owes to the fact that even though there are many possible research paper topics, not all of them are suitable for all projects alike. There are many factors which make a topic suitable or inappropriate for a research project. It is necessary for all students to understand the criteria of ascertaining the suitability of a research topic. An inappropriate topic can cause your research paper to fail in its purpose and even to get rejected.

Identifying the most suitable topic for a research project

When you start looking around for a topic for your research paper project, you will find many possible research paper topic options listed for research. Your job would be to find a topic that would be appropriate for your project. There are various factors which decide the suitability of a research paper topic. You can list them out as follows:

possible research paper topics1. The project guidelines: The guidelines of a research paper project work as the basic decisive factor of evaluation. Some research projects come with a lot of restrictions regarding the choice of topic, whereas some other projects are quite liberal when it comes to the topic. Hence, you can ascertain the suitability of a topic only after seeing the guidelines of the project.

2. The subject area: Another important factor which can seriously affect the grades you get is the subject area to which your topic belongs. There are various sections and sub sections to each subject. For example, in biology, there are numerous sub sections like zoology, botany and so on. It also has various branches like biochemistry and bioengineering. If you are preparing your research paper on a specific branch of sub section of the subject, you must ensure that the topic you choose has its focus on that particular section itself.

3. The sources: You can never present a theory successfully without the support of good sources. Your argument would be too weak to stand on its own as you are still a student and your ideas would have no credibility yet. Even though there are very credible sources in all subjects, they may not be easily available or easily accessible for you. Hence, it is important to ascertain the availability of credible sources before you finalize the topic.

4. The deadline: Most students forget to consider the deadline when they pick a topic from the list of possible research paper topics. Some topics involve long periods of research, with too many points to cover within the deadline. Such topics must not be picked for projects which come with tight deadlines. Your familiarity with the topic, the number of pages to be submitted etc are other factors which must be considered in relation to the deadline of the assignment, while choosing the topic.

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