Prescriptive research paper writing involves prescribing a remedy to a problem or an issue, as is evident from the name. Since it is not about proving an existing fact or aspect, it will require a slightly different approach for the successful handling of this type of research papers.

The first job will be to state your theory. This will come as a part of the introduction of your research paper. In your thesis statement you will clearly but very briefly state the theory on which your research paper is based. You will also give a short introduction to the topic or issue you are addressing. Remember to keep the introduction of your research paper very short. Lengthy and elaborated introductions look bad and unfocused.

In the coming paragraphs, you will address the issue and prescribe the solution. In the first body paragraph you can give a brief explanation on what the situation is. Without understanding the issue the audience will not be able to follow your theory. But keep it brief as it is not a descriptive research paper. You should not confuse between both or accidentally digress off into descriptive writing from that of the prescriptive one. So keep your focus steadily fixed on the objective of the assignment which is to prescribe the remedy or solution.

Once you have explained the situation then the next step is to prescribe the remedy. It will not do to just suggest the solution but it will have to be proved that your suggestion would work to solve the issue or improve the situation. First explain why you think that your suggestion is the best remedy to the situation. Separately addressing each aspect of the issue in connection to the solution will make it easier for the audience to follow. Show how your prescription would work on the issue to solve it. If you know of similar issues which has been solved using theories similar to yours, you may use it as an example or one of the reasons why you consider your solution ideal for the situation. Examples always aid in conveying facts more effectively.

In the conclusion of your prescriptive research paper, you will emphasize on the fact that your prescribed remedy would effectively solve the issue. This can be done by taking all the main points from the rest of the research paper and putting them together in one or two short lines in order to stress upon your theory. Be confident about what you are suggesting and be very clear with your suggestions. Being vague in your conclusion will undo all that you have put together in your research paper.

Only through proper writing structure and effective usage of words will you be able to build your suggestion into a strong prescription. Good and flawless language is a must for being able to convey the idea, the way you mean it. Bad language and grammatical errors can either make your writing incomprehensible or even convey the wrong meaning. So edit and proof read your document before submitting it.

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