Process essay is one that explains a process or the method. This particular genre of essay is rich in topics because there is a process involved behind almost everything. Even though there is no dearth of topics, choosing a suitable topic is very important when it comes to writing this type of an essay.

The objective of this assignment is to explain the process behind a particular task. This explanation should not only be easy enough for the audience to understand but it should also be, to the point, accurate. To be able to describe a process to someone it is very important to have thorough knowledge of the subject. Hence, while you are choosing the topic, choose one that you can handle within the given time.

Before finalizing the topic, consider your audience. It is very important that you prepare the assignment in accordance with the level of your audience. If your essay is going to be judged by a rather sophisticated group of people, then you should choose a topic on which you can write an essay which can impress people of their level. If you are aiming at explaining the matter to the rest of your class or an audience of lower levels, then you will have to do it in a simple enough manner. What matters is that the content of your explanation is clear enough to those who read it.

For the purpose of writing the essay, study the process very well. In accordance to the topic, confirm what exactly you are expected to explain. The relevance of the process you describe is extremely important in making your essay look impressive.

Explain the context where the process takes place. This description should have information like the aim of the process, the people involved in it and some background information on the process. This back ground information should include points on who all benefit out of the process and what is the specialization required for a person to be able to conduct or supervise this process. If it is a process which requires machinery or any particular equipment, that needs to be mentioned as well.

Once you have mentioned these basic facts, you may move on to describe the process in detail. Be specific. Do not digress off. Stay focused on the process you are explaining. Explain it step by step. Address the difficulty level of each step. Consider whether there are any chances of an error or possibility of any confusion.

While using scientific or technical terms, remember to explain them unless those are terms which your audience is familiar with. Use examples to make your presentation simpler and more intelligible.

Once you have finished explaining the process, give an estimate of the time required for the process to complete. This could be mentioned in the initial body paragraph as well. You can conclude your essay with some more details on the process. This could include the other processes which lead to the same outcome and the cautions to be taken while handling the process, if any.

Always remember that you cannot explain to someone, something you are not sure of. Hence in order to write an impressive process essay or research paper, choose the topic wisely and study the process thoroughly enough.