A personal statement is a way of introducing yourself for the purpose of a job application or an educational course application. It poses many challenges and hence it has to be dealt with, very carefully.There is a basic format for writing it, which has been put together to make your statement more comprehensible.

A personal statement asks for a lot of effort and concentration while you are at it; mainly because most of the time your future will depend on it. Sometimes it will be your admission to a college or an educational course and not getting admitted might cause you to either lose a valuable year or it will leave you with no option but to compromise for a course that is not your primary choice.

If it is for a job application then there is no need to mention the importance of it. It is very rare that a person applies for a job without really wanting it. And if you are applying for a job that you desperately need, your personal statement should be interesting enough to capture the attention of the person who will be short-listing the applications.

In the introduction, write a line about the purpose of the statement and another very brief line on your biggest qualification.Go on to give a description of your qualifications and interests but stay focused on the course or job you are applying for. You will have to project your interest or expertise in the subject while writing your personal statement. You can most certainly mention your additional skills or qualifications but do it very briefly. Remember that the person at the other end will not be interested in any of your skills other than which can suit his or her purpose.

You will have to state your academic qualifications, so far, and also your achievements. Make sure to furnish enough proof for the claims you make for your academic qualifications and also achievements. If you do not have the necessary documents, remember to mention that you don’t have them and explain with a reasonable excuse as to why you do not possess such important documents. And the biggest challenge is to convey all your qualities and skills without sounding conceited and to mention your flaws and weaknesses in such a way that it will look insignificant.

Organize your points. Do not repeat what you have said in one paragraph, in another. Also, you should separate each set of information into paragraphs to make it easy for the reader, to follow.Since it is a matter of such importance, you should take the advice from knowledgeable people before writing it. You can also take a look at some samples.

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