Some tips on handling qualitative research papers

Qualitative research methodology is mostly used for researches in disciplines like sociology and psychology. This methodology is the most ideal one when the topic has a direct link to the public or when public opinion can influence the outcome of research. There are various aspects which set the qualitative methodology apart from other research methods. By taking note of the specific purpose and advantages of qualitative method, you will be able to work more efficiently on your qualitative research papers.

Understanding qualitative research methodology

Qualitative research paperIf you set off without having a clear idea of the process, you will not be able to successfully complete a qualitative research procedure. You must understand the nature and other features of qualitative research before you start working on the project. You must also find out about the tools or instruments which are used for research using the method. The most important aspects which you must remember about qualitative research are as follows.

• Qualitative research does not always yield the expected results. For the same reason, you cannot conduct a qualitative research with the aim of establishing a theory; it works better towards solving research problems based on the data gathered from the research. It is more suitable for researches of analytical nature than those of argumentative or persuasive nature.

• Qualitative research cannot be planned over night. A qualitative research procedure must be scheduled in advance as it requires voluntary contributions from external elements. Good time management skills can come in handy while planning a qualitative research.

• A qualitative research paper might have to be presented using quantitative methods. There is nothing wrong in that because qualitative methodology is more ideal for research than for presentation. Most qualitative studies are presented using quantitative methods and such a combination often brings out the best results. All the same, remember to study the guidelines to see if there are any instructions against combining the two methodologies in that paper.

What all to consider while planning qualitative research

A qualitative research paper solves the research problem with the help of research tools like interviews, group discussions etc. You will need to find volunteers to contribute to your study and you will also need their complete co-operation to get the best results. In order to get the best out of your subjects (volunteers), you will need to plan each part of your study carefully. There are certain aspects which you must remember while planning and conducting qualitative research.

1. Try to find credible subjects to participate in the research. The credibility of your subjects would add to the credibility of your theory.

2. Never ask for more time than what you had initially requested and the subjects had agreed to spare. Remember that they do not gain anything out of it.

3. Plan your questions well with clear focus on the objective of your research. Irrelevant questions will be a complete waste of time.

4. Never keep your volunteers waiting. They are not obliged to assist you in your research. Express your gratitude to them before you start your work as well as after you finish it.

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