Research paper assignments can be handled in many ways using various methods. The choice of method should be according to the research topic and the matter of research. The basic research methods are divided into two – Qualitative and quantitative methods. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. When used wisely and appropriately, each of these methods can compliment your research and see you successfully through your assignment.

Quantitative research, to put it in a simple way, is the research method which evaluates data in relation to, or in accordance with the quantities or measures, as applicable. It involves scientific or factual study of a topic. It is totally dependant on ideas constructed with facts and statistical data. The advantages or disadvantages mainly depend upon the subject you are researching on.

To do research using quantitative method you will collect the necessary data and prepare a numerical or quantity based analysis, in order to prepare and present your argument. The main advantage of this type of research, in comparison to that of qualitative methods is that you can have a specific aim and head towards it through a straight path. Unlike qualitative method, in quantitative method, the outcome of your research does not depend on the material you gather. On the other hand, it will focus on your aim instead of focusing on the subject or the opinions and views of the subjects.

This type of research is ideal for science and mathematical subjects because those are branches of studies which are solely dependant on facts and statistics.

Research papers on social sciences does not usually benefit much out of quantitative methods because in social studies, the outcome of the research is expected to have evolved out of the views of the subjects. When the information you need for your research is something you need to gather from an in-depth analysis of the response of the public, quantitative method alone will not be enough.

In such cases, it is possible to collect the data using qualitative methods and do the analysis using quantitative methods. This, in fact, is the best way to do research in subjects which do not come under science. Quantitative research is more efficient when it comes to finding the unintended gaps or mistakes in your research and filling or correcting them accordingly, with minimum effort. In qualitative research, since the data is not systematically placed, it will be more difficult to find the missing links.

Quantitative method is best when used towards the final stage of your research. It is also ideal if you have limited time for your research because it gives you the advantage of doing the research with the finishing point in view. That way, you will not run the risk of having to wait till the end to know the outcome of your research.

Understanding the nature of quantitative research is essential for you to know which all assignments can benefit out of it. If you are not sure of which method is appropriate for your research paper assignment, then it is better to take help from your advisor or someone else who can offer you help with your research.