How to choose impressive research arguments

While handling a research project, students panic due to the level of expectations which are usually set very high. There are various levels or stages in research paper writing, each of which asks for a lot of hard work on the part of the student. Out of those, one of the dreaded ones is that of finding a good research argument. All research papers need a strong thesis or argument to work on and finding an impressive argument is one of the toughest parts of research paper writing.

Good arguments cannot be expected to be found over night. Sometimes you will have to spend days on end, looking for a suitable argument as interesting and impressive arguments are not very easy to come by. While looking for a good argument to present:

• Keep aside some time for the purpose. Do not try to do it within a specific time frame. Good ideas do not come when summoned.
• Do some research on the topic. A very good knowledge of the topic is absolutely necessary for finding good research arguments on it.
• Keep your ears open while interacting with others. You will be surprised at how ideas come to you when least expected. Even a conversation which has nothing to do with your research or your subject might give you an excellent idea of an argument to work on.

The first step to finding a good argument is to know the criteria of a good one.

• Good arguments must be authentic. Even if the topic is a highly discussed and researched one, the argument you present on the topic or the stance you take must be your own original thought. Arguments which have already been presented will not make an impression unless you have some unique insight on the matter to share. Try to avoid arguments which have been discussed too much. It will not be able to generate much of an interest in your audience.

• The argument you present on the topic must be relevant to the subject area of research. Most topics can be dealt with from many angles and perspectives of various subjects. While choosing an argument to present on a particular topic, ensure that the argument perspective would suit your subject area.

• Research arguments, even if they are impressive and interesting, will not serve any purpose if not proved satisfactorily. The worth of your argument lies in the kind of evidence you present towards the same. Weak sources and irrelevant evidence can ruin the appeal of even the most interesting arguments.

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