Coming up with a good research argument

One of the dreaded parts of a research paper writing procedure is that of finding a good argument to present in the research paper. Many students spend days trying to come up with an interesting thesis on the topic they have chosen, wasting the precious little time they have to work on the assignment. Even though the time you take to come up with a good research argument depends a lot on your luck, there are certain tips which can help you find good arguments to present.

Look for research arguments which are:

1. Original and fresh. The criteria of an original argument can be defined as that perspective of the topic which has not been brought up before or one which has not been discussed a lot. An original argument will not be an obvious one either. When you argue about something that has already been discussed by everyone to a satiating level, it will not be able to generate the interest of the audience unless you have fresh facts to present about it. For example, if you present an argument saying ‘global warming is harmful’, it will not sound interesting at all, as it is something that has been discussed and proved. An argument which is unusual and which is an improbable but possible aspect of the topic can be called an original argument.

2. A part of the subject area of research. There are many multi-faceted topics which, when dealt with from various angles, address research questions which belong to different fields of study. The argument you place on the topic must be one that belongs to your own area of research. The instructor of a particular subject would not be interested in wasting time reading about an argument which comes under another subject area. And in many cases, the lines which define the subject limits are very thin. If in doubt, confirm with your instructor before proceeding with the research.

3. A research argument must be proved satisfactorily in your research paper. It is not enough for you to be convinced about what you say but it is necessary for your readers also to feel convinced about the same. While picking the argument, think of what all points you can present to support your argument and how easily you can find enough evidence to present. Do not pick a thesis for which the evidence cannot be gathered within the allotted time.

4. Present the argument you choose confidently and with the right amount of emphasis. The way you present your thesis influences the impression of the reader to a big extent.

Even interesting topics can sound boring if the argument presented is not an interesting one. And if you choose an argument which you cannot prove, your research paper will not even qualify as one. If you wish to get some assistance with finding good research arguments for your research paper assignments, you may let us know. Our academic experts will be able to find interesting and impressive arguments for you to write on. And if you are looking for help with preparing your research paper, they will be able to assist you there also. Being one of the oldest firms offering custom writing help, we understand the needs of the students and can claim to be more capable, than many others, in providing expert help to students.