The significance of a research outline in the research process

Research outline is one of the important elements of organized research paper writing, of which, the significance is not known to all. Many students misunderstand that this is a part which can be omitted as it never gets included in the final document. But once you understand the importance of this informal part of a research paper writing procedure, you would not even consider omitting it.

Research is a very long and tedious procedure. And it is not just one point that you are looking for but numerous ones to support your research thesis. Hence, depending on the thesis you have chosen, your research might drag on for months. It is impossible to collect the points in an organized way. Most of the time you will not know what exactly you are looking for and some other times, the sources may not be available in the order you like to refer to them. So, in effect, you will be collecting the points randomly and noting it down somewhere without any particular order. If you attempt to be organized during research and arrange points in the right order as and when you find them, it will distract you a lot from your research. It will also waste a lot of your precious time. A better time to organize your points is after you complete your research and the best way to do it is using research outlines.

In a research outline, you will identify and place appropriately, the various points you have gathered for your research. There are many types of research paper outlines. Your choice should be one that is decipherable to you at the stage of developing it. In certain outlines you list out:

• The topic and its scope
• The research question
• The hypothesis
• The terminology
• The methodology
• The main points with the examples or citations
• The other points along with the citations
• The headings
• The sub-headings
• The contents to be included in each of the component

You can also prepare an outline which would indicate the points to be included in:
• The title page
• The introduction
• Body paragraph 1
• Body paragraph 2
• Body paragraph 3
• Conclusion
• Bibliography list

Basically, an outline lays out the points you have collected in a neat pile for you to work on. For the same reason, the main criterion for preparing an outline is that you should be able to understand the pattern when you look at it later. If it fails to make sense to you then it will end up being a complete waste of time.

Research outlines are highly useful and saves you a lot of time while editing the document at a later stage. Omitting the outline would not be a good decision as a research paper which was prepared without an outline would be easily recognizable for your instructors. If time is what is stopping you from preparing an outline, you have an option. We can offer you a very good outline for your research paper which would suit your research procedure and which would be easy for you to follow. We can also offer you a custom research paper, prepared especially for you, on your topic, if you wish to opt for it.