There are a lot of things which you need to be careful about while writing a research paper. Each of its components need to be carefully prepared and the research paper should be skillfully presented in order to make it impressive enough. One of the most important parts of a research paper, the research paper abstract, is also one that should be prepared with utmost care.

A research paper abstract is a summary of the contents of a research paper. The two types of abstracts are descriptive abstracts and informative abstracts. Before you start writing your abstract, find out whether there are any specifications in your research paper guidelines about the abstracts.

There are certain things to be kept in mind while writing out an abstract. An effective abstract will include everything that has been discussed in the research paper, in the most precise manner, without giving away the details. The main task you will face is to keep the abstract short enough to fit into the limits of less than 100 words for descriptive abstracts and 10% of the research paper for informative abstracts. If you find your abstract longer than that, do not hesitate to eliminate the less important points and leave out only the most relevant ones.

Do not include anything that is not discussed in the research paper, in your abstract. It should only have those points which are mentioned in the main paper. Remember that it is a summary of the research paper and the points briefed in an abstract will be expected to be elaborated in the report. The research paper abstract should also have a proper structure which would comprise of an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The points should be mentioned in the same order as it is in the actual paper. Try to make it flow smoothly by linking the sentences and paragraphs.

The introduction should talk briefly about the topic and give any applicable background information related to the research. The body paragraphs will summarize all the points of the research paper, in the shortest possible form. There is no need to get into the details of the procedures or findings in an abstract. The conclusion will depend on the type of abstract you are writing. A descriptive abstract conclusion will just stress on the topic but an informative abstract conclusion will give an idea of the research paper outcome, again in a very brief manner.

Make your abstract interesting by highlighting the best points in your research paper. Remember that the objective of a research paper abstract is to help the audience decide whether your report is worth hearing or not. Hence it is very important for it to sound interesting and informative.

To be precise, an effective research paper abstract would include all the main points without any fresh information and would be precise, smooth flowing and easy to follow. If you are not confident about writing an abstract, you should take professional help in preparing one that will secure the first good impression for your research paper.