There are many aspects which form the criteria of judging a research paper. In addition to your knowledge of the topic and subject, your capability of understanding and following the guidelines would also be evaluated. The style asked for, in the guidelines, is one of those points which will be used to judge your submission. The Chicago style of documentation is the most favored style for history research documentation. The use of research paper footnotes is one feature that distinguishes this style of writing.

The Chicago style offers two types of research documentation; the humanities style and the scientific style. Out of these two, only the humanities style uses footnotes. The scientific style normally does not allow footnotes unless it is required for the particular assignment. Hence, even if you have been asked to use Chicago style, check to see if any alterations have been asked for. If there are any specifications or alterations in the assignment guidelines, you should stick to them above those given in the style manual.

Research paper footnotes refer to the notes placed at the bottom of each page. The purpose of the footnotes changes with the documentation style. In Chicago style of writing, footnotes are used for the purpose of giving bibliographical information on the sources. These footnotes are to be linked to the citation by a number. The number next to the citation would be printed as a superscript on the right side of the citation. Multiple citations in the same page should be marked carefully. If you accidentally link your footnote to a wrong citation, it will fail the purpose of the footnotes.

The first footnote on the source should contain complete bibliographical information. This would include the name of the author, the title of the book or journal, the place of publications, the name of the publisher, the year of publishing and the page number. The following footnotes on the same book require only the surname of the author and the page number. Please note that in the research paper footnotes prepared according to the Chicago style of citation, the author’s name need not be reversed. The title should ideally be printed in italics or underlined.

One of the important things to check while preparing the Chicago style footnotes is that the numbers are linked to the correct source. This is one common mistake that happens with research paper footnotes. Most research paper assignments require the use of multiple sources. It is also possible that you happen to cite more than one source in the same page of your research paper. This is when you need to be careful. Check repeatedly to make sure that the numbers mentioned next to the source is linked to the correct footnote.

Research paper footnotes, when cited inaccurately or presented in the wrong manner, will affect your assignment negatively. Only accurate information and right presentation will be counted as good citation. Hence, do not take a chance with your footnotes. If you are not sure of how to go about it, refer to the Chicago style manual or consult your instructor. You can alternately get your research paper citations done or checked by our professional academic writers.