Finding the appropriate research paper format

There are various research paper formats which are used for the documentation of academic research papers and scholarly findings. The formats have been developed with due respect to the specific requirements of certain subjects. But it is not mandatory for any subject to use any particular format while documenting their research data. But, undeniably, certain subjects have their own preferences. After handling a few of your academic assignments, you will have a very good idea of which style suits your subject the best and what the preferences of your professor is.

There are a few things which all students should know while formatting a research paper.

• MLA style, developed by the Modern Language Association of America, is most commonly used by arts and literature researchers. APA or the American Psychological Association has developed the APA style to suit the documentation purposes of Psychological researches. It is also highly preferred by social sciences. The Chicago style of documentation is the preferred style of subjects like History. There are also other documentation styles like the Harvard style, which are used for academic research papers.

• Some components of the research paper format are optional and can be included or omitted as per the specific requirements of the assignment. But there are also certain other parts which are mandatory for all research paper assignments. Having an idea of which all components are optional and which all are mandatory and how you can ascertain the requirements of each of the assignments is important.

• The components of the format in which each assignment is to be prepared would be mentioned in the guidelines. There is no specific criterion by which the components are decided. It will be planned as per the preferences of your instructor. Hence, if in doubt about any of the components of your research paper format, you must confirm the same with your professor. If you have the liberty to do as you may find suitable, then go by the manual of the format you are using.

• There are certain rules in some of the formats which are flexible. Moreover, when it comes to academic assignments, most clauses are flexible for the judgment of the instructor. Hence, always adhere to the instructions in the guidelines regarding alterations in the basic format, even if it does not tally with those given in the style manual. Those components about which nothing is specified in the guidelines may be formatted as per the rules of the style you are using.

Knowing the basics of the research paper formats which you need to use frequently is very important. Formatting is mainly about providing an approved and acknowledged method of organizing data. Following the rules, to the finest detail, would make your research paper very impressive and project your knowledge of the process.

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