The differences between various research paper formats

There are various formats used for the documentation of research data. The format to be used for each assignment would be specified in the guidelines. This is usually determined in relation to the subject requirements and sometimes the preferences of the instructor. Each format has its own rules and specifications regarding the formatting of the various components of the document. It is necessary to have an idea of which all aspects can change along with the research paper formats, in order to be able to grasp the instructions accurately. It will also help you understand the specific alterations which have been asked for by your professor, if you know where all you can expect changes.

Since research papers have different components, almost all formats have clearly defined instructions on each of those. The assignment guidelines would also have certain specifications regarding the various elements of the research paper. A careful study of the guidelines is the easiest way of understanding the specific requirements of the research paper format of a particular assignment.

• The title page of each of the formats has its own specific pattern. The information given on the page does not change much but the method of presenting the information changes with each format. You might also find some particular features in certain formats like the running head in the APA format. You will also come across major changes like the absence of a separate title page in the MLA format. Hence, your task would be to study the guidelines in relation to the basic format.

• The method of citing the sources is specific to each research paper format. It is one of the most important elements of research paper writing and hence it must be done appropriately. Sources cited inappropriately would take a lot of marks off your research paper. You must also check the guidelines to see if your instructor has asked for any changes in the basic citation format prescribed by the documentation format.

• The fonts and the margins are somewhat standard for all formats as most documentation formats prefer Times New Roman font in 10-12pt font size. The margins are usually set at 1 inch from all sides. All the same, you must always ascertain the same from the assignment guidelines as well as the manual of the documentation format you are using. Certain guidelines request alterations in these aspects which are to be adhered to.

• There would also be finer detailing of each of these components in each of the formatting guides. The pattern in which the bibliography list should be organized, the order in which the page number and other information should appear on each page etc are some of them. Each of them should be applied to your research paper, according to the limits set by the guidelines.

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