Tips on the various research paper formats

Research paper assignments come with various guidelines. One of the most important sections of the guidelines is that which indicates the appropriate research paper format which is to be used for the documentation of the research data. As it is one of the factors which lay the common platform for the judgment of submissions, it is very important to ensure that the formatting instructions are followed to its finest detail. Even though there are various research paper documentation formats, not all of them are commonly used for academic assignments.

Out of the various research paper formats, the most commonly used are the APA and MLA formats. You will be able to understand the preferences of your subjects and the special preferences of your teachers regarding the format, soon enough. It will save you a lot of time, while preparing the assignment, if you have a good grasp of the specifications of the style which is mostly used for the assignments in your subject.

• MLA Format: The factors which are unique to the MLA format are as follows:

1. The MLA format does not require a separate title page. The title page is a part of the first page of the research paper. It only takes up as much space as is required to give 5 lines of information in double spaced lines.
2. The bibliographic references page of a research paper in MLA format is known as the ‘Works Cited list’. This list would contain the specific details of the sources, as per the latest updated manual of the format.
3. The style also uses in-text citations and content notes for reference purposes as well as for the purpose of giving out additional information on words or phrases within the text.
4. The style is extremely flexible and simple to use.

• APA style: APA style is quite strict about it rules, unlike the MLA format, and its specifications include:

1. The running head: The running head is a part of the complete title of your research paper, which makes complete sense while standing on its own. This will appear on the title page as well as on the right hand top corner of all the pages of your research paper, alongside the page number.
2. The restriction on the usage of footnotes is another feature which is unique to the APA research paper format. It strictly forbids the use of footnotes for the purpose of citations. It is permissible to use footnotes for the purpose of giving information which is too irrelevant to mention in the research paper but useful for the audience.
3. The bibliographic reference page in APA format is called the ‘References’ page. The appropriate way of citing the various types of sources must be ascertained from the updated manual of APA format.

Once you learn the basics of these styles, you will be able to handle the assignments, which are to be documented in these styles, in a better way. It will also save you a lot of time while preparing the assignment, if you know the basics of the style. If you need any further help with understanding the research paper formats you frequently use, we can assist you. You can also consider getting your research paper formatted, by our academic experts, as per the specifications in your guidelines. We can also offer to prepare a custom research paper for you, as per your specific requirements.