Understanding the various research paper formats

Research paper documentation is a formal procedure which requires the researcher to follow certain standard rules and instructions regarding the formatting and presentation style. Even though there are numerous research paper documentation styles, not all of them are used commonly for academic research papers. Documentation styles are usually subject related and are chosen as per the subject preferences. But the teachers are always at liberty to ask the students to follow a particular research paper format which they prefer. Hence, it is always necessary to study the research paper guidelines before formatting your research paper.

research paper formatMany students, unaware of the time involved in formatting a research paper document, keep it for the last minute to format their research paper. But when they start off they realize that it will not be possible to submit their document on time if they have to format it well. This results in them compromising on the formatting of the assignment. And it is needless to say that poor or incorrect formatting can result in poor grades even if the content of the research paper is good enough.

Instead of keeping it for the last minute, take a little effort to study the guideline instructions regarding the research paper format and the necessary alterations in the basic style, before you start writing your research paper. That will save you a lot of time while editing and formatting the document. There are a few things which you need to pay attention to:

• The title page: The presentation style of the title page is unique to each format. Even though the contents remain somewhat the same, the placing and spacing of the information change along with the research paper format. Hence, you must study the guidelines as well as the manual of the style you are supposed to use, before preparing the title page.

• The referencing style: Each format has a specific way of referencing. Some formats use in-text citations whereas some others use footnotes and end notes for the purpose. The parenthetical references, or in-text citations, are also not the same in all formats for research papers. Some use the ‘author-date’ format whereas some other styles give the name of the author and the page number in the in-text citations. Hence, refer to the style manual to make sure that you are following the correct method.

• The bibliography section: In addition to the in-text referencing, all research papers should have a separate bibliography section which elaborates on the details on the sources. The in-text citations are just a way of linking the information to the cited portion. The bibliography section of a research paper is also to be prepared as per the specific format. The method of citing the different types of sources are clearly defined in the manuals of all the documentation styles. This must be followed to the finest points.

Research paper formats are not hard to follow if you have enough time in hand. The clauses and instructions are given in a rather clear and comprehensible manner. But if you are short of time then it is not a good idea to take it up on you to format your research paper in a hurry. In such situations we can help you. We can format your research paper for you as per your specific requirements. We also offer custom research papers, prepared by experienced academic writers who re highly qualified in their respective subjects, to students who wish to opt for it.