An effective research paper format example

Each research paper assignment has a different format designed to serve its purpose efficiently. The suitable format for your research paper depends on the objective of your assignment as well as the documentation style. But there are certain basic aspects of a research paper format which doesn’t change. It will help you to refer to research paper format examples but use it only with due respect to the specific format of your assignment.

Given below, is a research paper format example which touches all the basic objectives of the research paper components.

The abstract:

1. Should contain a clear summary of the contents of the research paper document.
2. Should be as short as is applicable for your abstract type.
3. Informative abstracts should discuss the research problem and the solution whereas descriptive abstracts need to address only the topic.

The title Page:

1. Should include a title which conveys the concept precisely but clearly.
2. Should be formatted as per the style guidelines.
3. Should have the author’s name, the title, the date, the subject or the name of the course, as is applicable.
4. Should contain the running head in case of APA format research papers.

The introduction:

1. Should introduce the topic and the specific aspect discussed in the document.
2. Should give the necessary background information.
3. Should discuss the nature and the scope of the research problem.
4. Should discuss the methodology of research.
5. Should contain a thesis statement which is crisp and legible.

The body paragraphs:

1. Should elaborate the research problem.
2. Should discuss the possible solution in as much detail as is necessary.
3. Should present enough evidence to support the theory.
4. Should contain in-text citations wherever and whenever applicable, as per the documentation style.
5. Should connect to each other as well as contain links to the introduction.
6. Should develop the thesis slowly but efficiently towards the conclusion.

The conclusion:

1. Should give a summary of the points discussed in the body paragraph.
2. Should reinstate the theory or the thesis.
3. Should wind up the discussion effectively.

This research paper format example applies to most types of research papers. But each assignment has its own specific requirements and your research paper should be formatted as per the requirements of your assignments. The format pattern is fully dependent on the documentation style used. It is extremely important that you format your research paper as per asked for by your instructor, to avoid the risk of your submission getting rejected.

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