Assigning the research paper headings appropriately

There are numerous forums which discuss research papers. The discussions stretch on endlessly as students come up with an inexhaustible list of doubts regarding the various aspects related to the research and presentation of the paper. There are certain features of research papers which look too complicated and there are some others which look simple enough. The former aspects are usually dealt with carefully whereas the latter is often neglected and taken for granted. Research paper headings fall in the latter group. Students don’t pay too much attention to the headings as they seem too simple and straight forward to be worried about. They are simple, indeed, as long as you know which all applies to your paper and how and where to place them. Unfortunately, not many students are very clear about it.

What is a heading and how does it differ from the rest of the text?

Research Paper Heading          The headings of research papers are meant to help the readers identify the purpose of each section. Some sections might also carry sub-headings but only main headings are mandatory. Sub-headings need to be used only where necessary. Headings are phrases which communicate through minimum possible words. Long headings are not at all appreciated in research papers. Main headings should ideally consist of seven words or less– without counting the linking words, prepositions etc – chosen carefully to communicate the matter accurately.

The term ‘heading’ is justified by the fact that a heading always appear on top. In research papers, headings are typed in bold font, mostly aligned to the center. The use of capital letters in a research paper heading is decided by the documentation style used. But the first letter of the first word is always in upper case.

Not all headings apply to all research papers alike. It depends heavily on the subject, the nature of research, the format used for documentation and the components included in the paper. In lower levels of education, the project guidelines sometimes give hints on the research paper headings which are to be included in that particular paper. But as you move up your educational level, the instructions regarding the headings will slowly vanish from the guidelines. You are supposed to figure it out all by yourself as to which of them apply to the project you are working on. And, it is not at all difficult once you understand what the purpose and the formatting method of the headings and sub-headings.

Getting help with headings

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